Step by Step Enrollment Guide

Step by Step guide to enrolling in the Money Vehicle course

1. Navigate to the course link provided by your instructor, link will be in the following format:

2. Click Enroll HERE Button

MV Onboarding Doc
1. After clicking Enroll HERE, the website will take you to a checkout page. –Sample URL:
2. Enter the Coupon Code provided by your teacher in “Add Coupon Code” and click Apply.
3. Enter your preferred Contact Information in the “Student Login Details” section.
– This account is to access materials and services related to the Money Vehicle course.
4. Click the checkbox to receive instructional and promotional material.
5. Click the Gold button to proceed to next step. – Enter your payment details, if needed
6. In next screen, confirm your Email, Full Name, and enter a password.
7. Click on Create Account button.
Order SummaryFINAL
1. After enrolling, you will be prompted to confirm your email to fully activate your account.
2. Teachable will send you 2 emails.
– You are now enrolled in XYZ Money Vehicle Course – Use this email to navigate to the course URL.
– Confirm Your Account – Use this email to confirm your account.
EmailsFINAL 1
Confirm Email GIF
1. Navigate to your Course URL from the “You are now enrolled in XYZ Money Vehicle Course email”
2. Click on the Access Course button

3. In your preferred web browser, add the Money Vehicle Course link click to your favorites or bookmarks.

Add course link as bookmark

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