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High School Students & Teachers

Turnkey On Demand Financial Literacy Course

Money Vehicle For Greeks

Greek Life Organizations

Money Vehicle has been implemented and provided value to many Greek orgs with raving reviews. We make it simple, effective, and manageable to teach your members what they need to know in order to be financially prepared as the go on to handle more financial responsibilities after college. Help your members develop their resumes and prepare for their professional careers with Money Vehicle.



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Begin Driving Towards Financial Freedom

Adopt our modern approach to financial education today, to give your members a professional advantage tomorrow!

Building The Best
Financial Literacy Course In America

Empower your members with a critical life skill!

Empower your members to strengthen their financial skills and professional portfolio with Money Vehicle.
Give them the knowledge they need to succeed after college and help them showcase their skills to employers with a financial literacy certification.


With our partnership with Teachable, offering the Money Vehicle Program to your members will be as simple as, accessing the course online, distributing logins to your members, and tracking their progress via the facilitator dashboard. Add tons of value to your chapters programs without adding tons of tasks to your schedule.


Chapter 1: How To Set Goals In The New Financial World
Chapter 2: How To Use Compound Interest
Chapter 3: How To Implement a Cash Management System
Chapter 4: How To Setup Your Bank Accounts
Chapter 5: How To Find Your First Credit Card
Chapter 6: How To Start Investing

Chapter 7: How To Save On Insurance Premiums
Chapter 8: How To Defend With Cybersecurity
Chapter 9: How To Understand Your Taxes
Chapter 10: How To Use A Roth IRA

Online Video Course

We understand that your org members do not want another book to read after long days of classes, on top of their existing responsibilities. That is why Money Vehicle is an online video course designed to entertain, while it educates and inspires. With us, reading boring pages about financial strategy is a thing of the past.

Financial Management

Your members with graduate and have the opportunity to MAKE money, but the question becomes, will they MANAGE it well enough to capture thier dream? The Money Vehicle course will prepare your members for the real world in a way no current financial literacy can! Money Vehicle is a built out financial literacy program that will take your members through the first 10 questions they need to answer as they receive paychecks. This program will not only provide the answers, but also will empower your members to BEGIN their financial plan!

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Education made entertaining and easy

Money Vehicle will not only educate your members about the smart money skills they need to know to succeed, we have made deploying the program so easy that you will be able to prove your chapters with Money Vehicle with minimal tasks added to your admins' schedules.

On Demand

The course itself is digital and 100% On Demand so the members can access it at any time.

Student Tracking

Facilitators are able to easily track individual members progress and outcomes for all compliance purposes.


We provide both the members manuals and facilitator guides as additional resources. No need to unravel the course or prepare a plan on how to teach it. It's ready for everyone!


Every member who completes our course receives a certification in Financial Literacy. Extraordinary for resumes and professional portfolios!

Choose What You Can Offer To
The Members

Test Drive Package

Guest Speaker Presentation

Have Jed come in or present virtually to give you and your community a taste of what is provided in the Money Vehicle course.

The Members Package


On-Demand resource that will take your members through the first 10 steps in their financial journey. All facilitator resources included

Premium Package


Have one of the Money Vehicle Teammembers virtually deliver the program. Still utilizing the on-demand course as the content, but with bi weekly or monthly check ins where your members can ask questions and dive deeper into the topics.

Want to test drive The Money Vehicle Program for yourself? Click here to get the keys to log into the Money Vehicle Platform!

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