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High School Students & Teachers

Turnkey Financial Literacy Curriculum


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Content Created for High School Students

Money Vehicle has been implemented and integrated in high schools across the country with raving reviews. We make it simple, effective, and manageable to teach your students what they need to know in order to be financially prepared and knowledgeable as they begin to handle more of their finances. Help your students prepare for success in their careers with Money Vehicle!

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Questions from High School Administrators

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Yes!  Money Vehicle prides itself on being holistic in its content and is focused on covering all Personal Finance Standards. The curriculum is not only organized with instructionally sound learning objectives and goals, but it is also aligned to the Jump$tart National standards.  

Every day we are implementing alignments as states and counties roll new standards out.  We welcome the chance to show how Money Vehicle will align to your standards and ensure that your objectives are met! 

Short answer: YES! We are currently working with schools using Google Classroom, Canvas and Schoology. 




Long Answer: LTI (or, Learning Tools Interoperability) is a standard from the IMS Global Learning Consortium® that several learning platforms have adopted to provide interoperability. Applications that are LTI-compliant can work with any platform that is also LTI-compliant, as long as it’s a supported version of LTI. 

We are so excited to say that Money Vehicle supports the most recent releases of the LTI standard: LTI v1.3 and LTI Advantage. Money Vehicle also allows users to launch the program into an LTI app from inside their LMS. 

That means that we can configure APIs and perform Single Sign On (SSO) integrations and can work with your school or district to design a personalized set up.    

Do not worry, this is a conversation one of our support specialist can have with your technology team! 

Money Vehicle is designed as a standalone 18-week semester-long course. The curriculum is designed to be delivered in the classroom and comes with a variety of Teacher Resources for a hybrid learning format.  

These resources are meant to GIVE your teachers time back and include: Pacing Guides, Daily Lesson Plans, Facilitator Guide, PowerPoint Presentations, Case Studies, Student Workbooks, Homework assignments, Exams, Capstone Character project and all answer keys. 

While the program is designed for a full semester, it can also be utilized as a supplemental resource for a plethora of courses wanting to include financial literacy: CTE, Financial Algebra, Like Skills, Family & Consumer Sciences, Career Preparation, Accounting, Business Education, and more.   

Great Question and no one likes to see price before value! Best to hope on a quick call and discuss. Please send us an inquiry HERE and our team will reach out to you to provide a quote.  All we need are:  
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Entertaining + Educational Content

The program is meant to translate the language of money through stories and analogies. This fresh take on an old subject will engage students and even get them to smile every once in awhile 😊

A Program built to bring value to all involved


Money Vehicle adds value to administrators by providing a curriculum that will map to standard objectives and easy integration into native LMS. 


Money Vehicle adds value to teachers by providing step by step resources on not only what to teach, but also how to teach in their classrooms.


Money Vehicle adds value to students by providing entertaining and engaging content that will empower students to start a financial plan.


Money Vehicle adds value to parents by providing a much-needed life skill to their most prized possessions.

Empower your students to Employ their Paycheck

Want to test drive The Money Vehicle Program for yourself? Click here to get the keys to log into the Money Vehicle Platform!

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