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Jed’s mission is to empower students, athletes, and professionals with the behaviors needed to eliminate the gap between the potential of their goals and the success they desire!


About Jed Collins

Jedidiah Collins CFP® is a former NFL player, Amazon best-selling author, and adjunct professor.

After being cut 12 times, Jed became the #1 Fullback in the NFL and took many principles away from the game of football that translate to success in any field. While playing, he faced the reality of how unprepared he was for the financial opportunity of professional sports. This dilemma drove him to study for his Certification in Financial Planning® while playing in the NFL.

Transitioning away from football, Jed knew he would pursue real life experience with his CFP® and went to work in Wealth Management. Although a great career, Jed quickly discovered helping people end their journey was not his passion. His passion was empowering those who had never spoken the language of money before to begin their journey.

Money Vehicle is an education technology company providing schools and students with a roadmap to begin down the road of financial freedom. The companies’ mission is to build an engaging and easy to USE financial literacy curriculum.

Jed is a passionate advocate for greater financial awareness and today empowers professional athletes to capture their dream while also empowering young professionals to start theirs.

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