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MVM Episode - Special Guest Jack Betts

🏈 Blazing a Trail in the NIL Landscape 🔥 On this episode of The Money Vehicle Podcast, Jedidiah Collins sits down with Jack Betts, a pioneer in the Name, Image, ...and Likeness (NIL) space for Division III athletes. From a Division III football player to a prominent NIL advocate, Jack shares his inspiring journey and the unexpected partnership that sparked his passion. 🤝 Discover how he created the Make Your Own Legacy Academy to empower athletes navigating NIL. Jack delves into embracing his Cherokee heritage, the importance of financial literacy for NIL athletes, and the responsibility of managing earnings wisely. 💰 Join Jack and Jed as they explore personal growth, financial management, and leaving a lasting impact in the ever-evolving NIL landscape. 💫 A must-listen for aspiring athletes, content creators, and anyone interested in NIL, this episode offers invaluable insights and inspiration.[+] Show More
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