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3 Questions Every Superintendent Asks About Financial Literacy

3 Questions Every Superintendent Asks About Financial Literacy

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States across the nation are mandating financial literacy education in middle and high schools. While each state has different rules and regulations pertaining to those mandates, administrators and superintendents from school districts nationwide keep asking the same three questions: Why, how, and what.

1. Why?

The full question: Why would we use Money Vehicle’s curriculum with our state standards? 

Let’s be honest. An administrator’s first job is to make sure the curriculum students are working through is in alignment with their state standards. This is where Money Vehicle is proud to respond with a Yes, AND! Yes, our curriculum working through ten different topics around personal finance allows us to map to almost all state standards.  

AND Money Vehicle also maps to and aligns with the National Jump$tart Coalition Financial Literacy Standards.  

While there may be one or two topics we have not covered in each state mandate, that is intentional, as we want to focus on specific actions and relevant topics for high school students. For example, do they still need to know how to balance a checkbook or choose life insurance?  

2. How?

The full question: How do you make things easier for our teachers?

This is an area where Money Vehicle is becoming an industry leader with our Teacher Resources. We begin with a full program integration directly into the teacher’s LMS (learning management system). This integration allows us to come to the teacher, rather than requiring the teacher to try to learn new software or systems in order to use the program. If they are on Canvas, Schoology, or Google Classroom, we provide an LTI integration that populates directly into the classroom.  

Next, we empower the teachers with step-by-step lesson plans. A pacing guide will break down the semester day by day, and our Facilitator Guide will help further break down each section’s lesson. These, along with the video tutorials, PowerPoint presentations, and built-in assessments allow us to take a lot off the teacher’s plate and let them do what they do best — Teach! 

3. What? 

The full question: What is the cost?

Administrators, at some point or another, reach this inevitable question. 

Money Vehicle can deliver the entire program — from the standards to the resources, to the entertaining content for only — $20 per student. That is more than 80 hours of programming for the cost of a movie rental.  

The better news is that Money Vehicle is beginning to find community leaders who want to support this message in their high schools. Credit unions, community banks, local business leaders, and just-involved parents are willing to cover the cost of the program for their schools. 

(Reach out if this interests you HERE).  

Money Vehicle is a national education technology company, and we are in a fortunate position to not only address the need for a curriculum but also provide administrators with the information they need to make decisions. The reality is that states are telling schools WHAT to teach, but they are not providing many resources on HOW to teach. With your help, we can get the message out that the Money Vehicle Movement is spreading on campuses nationwide!!  

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And check out our white paper: “Strategies for Increasing Financial Literacy Rates Among High School and College Students”

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