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MV FAQs: Does Money Vehicle Support Online Learning?

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homeschooling g8af112fb1 1920

After the pandemic, online learning has become a critical and core element of the educational system at all levels. And that’s why we’re constantly asked whether Money Vehicle supports online learning. 

The answer is yes, Money Vehicle supports online learning. In fact, it’s our bread and butter, as a virtual financial literacy course. While Money Vehicle does have physical course materials that can supplement the digital aspect, Money Vehicle is, first and foremost, a virtual experience. By teaching our course virtually, we can be in classrooms all across the country, and at many different levels — from middle schools to university campuses.

Again, though, you can access Money Vehicle content via a physical book — you can find it here on Amazon

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And check out our white paper: “Strategies for Increasing Financial Literacy Rates Among High School and College Students”

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