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MV FAQs: How Long Does the Money Vehicle Course Take to Complete?

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It’s a popular and worthwhile question: How long will this take? Whether you’re an instructor or a student, it’s worth asking.

The short answer? One traditional semester. 

The Your Money Vehicle course is designed as a semester-long class and comes complete with instructional tools for teachers. That includes supplemental materials, assignments, and even assessments. We don’t want teachers to be caught flat-footed or empty-handed, so we do our best to make sure they’re prepared for the entire semester.

While the course is designed to be taught over a semester, the content within the course can be implemented into a curriculum using the chapters as stand-alone modules. The Money Vehicle team provides you with content built to satisfy a 90-day semester-long program and can be customized into smaller three, five, or seven-week programs. 

Further, there are multiple pacing guides to choose from, so if your classroom does not require a full semester’s worth of material, the stand-alone, sequential modules allow for a degree of customization to create a course that suits your specific needs. 

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