MV FAQs: How Does Money Vehicle Implement Social Learning Objectives?

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Money Vehicle is an education program, and as such, has utilizes proven frameworks to make sure that students are learning the program’s material. While Money Vehicle does not have a third-party report of our program, our course has been audited by numerous school administrators, teachers, parents, and education experts in states across the country.

We also map our course to the “CASEL Wheel” social-emotional learning framework to ensure that the course and program successfully help students absorb the material. 

The CASEL Wheel itself breaks down into five concentrations, and the Money Vehicle course adheres to each:

Money Vehicle prides itself in its ability to design content that is aligned to competencies that are important for whole-student development and well-being. If you have further questions, please reach out and ask a Money Vehicle representative for more information about specific standards and learning objectives!

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