Teachable Author Guide

Guide to navigate the Money Vehicle course as an Author in the Teachable platform

1. Log in to your Money Vehicle Course page and enter your credentials:


Log in
Enter Credentials
1. You will automatically be brought to the information page of your course
2. On the left hand side of the page select Pages. Here you can find and copy the exact Sales/Signup Pages in case you ever need to Copy the URL or make edits.
Info Pages Copy URL 1

1. In the “Information” tab scroll down to course compliance to enable/disable the following:
Enfore Lecture Order: Students must progress through lectures in order.
Enforce Video Watching: Student must view 90% of a video to advance.
Enforce Grded Quiz Completion: Students must complete a graded quiz to advance.

Course Compliance 1
1. Select “Curriculum” to go into your course content.
– Here you are able to edit the Money Vehicle course and Add/Remove content.
2. To move a Chapter or Individual section, click on the 6 dots next to the title name and select/drag them to the new location.
Move Lectures 3
1. Select “Curriculum” and click into a Quiz lecture.
2. In the Quiz section, click Add or edit questions.
3. In the Type a question here text box, you can add your questions and Answer choice.
– A new text box for Answer choice will appear after you enter the first answer (Add as many as you need)
– Click the check box next the correct answer(s) and click on Add Question
– You can check the This quiz will be graded checkbox to set the quiz to graded mode.
4. Click on Back to lecture editor to return to the course curriculm.
Edit Quiz
1. In the “Curriculum” tab, you can publish/unpublish a specific lecture by clicking on the Checkmark Icon.
– If you want to Unpublish, change the checkmark icon from green to grey.
– If you want to Publish, change the checkmark icon from grey to green.
2. You can also Publish/Unpublish in bulk. Use the checkboxes to select 1 or many lectures to edit and a Pop up will show called “Bulk Action Menu”
– Here you can click on the 3rd icon called Toggle Published Setting. This setting will Publish or Unpublish the selected lectures. You can identify unpublished lectures by the “DRAFT” icon next to the lecture name.
Publish and Unpublish
1. Select “Coupon” tab to see the coupons set up for your course.
1. To view all students enrolled in your course, select the “Students” tab.
2. To see a specific student’s progress, click on their name and then click “Progress Reports” to see their progress and what videos they have watched.
Students and Students Progress

1. To view Reports for your course, click on the “Reports” tab and select one of the following reports:
Lecture Completion: To view Student and Percentage Complete Breakdown
Video Stats: See the engagement, playrate, loads, visitors, plays for each video in the course
Quiz Scores: See the Average Score, Min/Max Scores and Total Completed
Leaderboards: See who has made the most/least progress in the course
Video Engagement: Generate an aggregated video engagement for the course

Report resize

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