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Teachers: Podcasts That Can Help Build Your Financial Knowledge

Teachers: Podcasts That Can Help Build Your Financial Knowledge

There are a million podcasts out there. Maybe more than that. And while we’ve all curated out feeds through our chosen podcast app — be it Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes, or whatever — we’re constantly finding newer and better things to listen to.

But what if you’re a teacher who’s simply trying to keep on top of current trends, topics, and news so that they’re better prepared for the classroom? There are myriad podcasts to listen to in that case, too, depending on what you’re teaching. And podcasts can be very helpful in getting up to speed and staying on top of certain topics that you may not be all that familiar with.

Like money and finance.

It’s a dense topic, and if you’re one of the thousands of teachers who may have found yourself teaching personal finance or financial literacy courses around the country, you may be looking for resources to help you get a grasp on the subject. Well, since we here at Money Vehicle tend to be nerds about..well…money, we thought we’d offer up a few suggestions that we find particularly helpful.

We have no affiliation with these podcasts, but they can be a good place to start learning about money. And they all have huge backlogs, too, so you can look for certain subjects in their archives as well! Here are some financial podcast suggestions for teachers:

Animal Spirits

Animal Spirits is a two-or-three times per week podcast hosted by two financial pros: Ben Carlson, and Michael Batnick. The two each run their own respective financial blogs, too, which can be helpful and interesting to peruse: The Irrelevant Investor (Batnick) and A Wealth of Common Sense (Carlson). 

The shows are funny, interesting, and surprisingly approachable, even if you’re just learning the ins and outs of the financial world. Plus, you’ll get some good recommendations for books and movies, too, which can help further your learning.

Slate Money

Slate Money is the financial podcast born of the larger website, Slate, which is also a good source of news and information related to the economy, politics, and more. The show has had a revolving cast of hosts and co-hosts over the years, but Felix Salmon, a seasoned business and economics reporter, is a mainstay. Currently, Salmon is joined by Emily Peck and Elizabeth Spiers, who both also write about money and the economy.

The show does a semi-deep dive on a couple of topics per week, which can be very helpful when trying to get a deeper understanding of certain items in the news.

Planet Money

Planet Money is a podcast that’s been on for a long time, and is produced by NPR. It’s been around for so long that it even has its own offshoot shows, like The Indicator, which can also be good listening.

The show usually comprises a bit more of a single-story, deep-dive into a certain topic or subject, all while exploring a larger question or theme. It also has had a slew of hosts and reporters over the years, some of whom have gone on to form their own podcast companies, write books, and more.

The Weeds

The Weeds is a show from Vox, and as the title suggests, it gets into the weeds. Episodes are usually an hour or so long, and tend to do a very deep dive into a certain topic or subject. It isn’t strictly a financial or money-related podcast, and is perhaps better described as a politics show. But since politics and the world of finance are closely intertwined, it can help provide some important context and insight into what’s going on in the world.

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