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Teachers: This is the Case For Money Vehicle

Teachers: This is the Case For Money Vehicle


We know you’ve probably heard that financial literacy education, in many ways, isn’t living up to the hype. Some recent studies have even punched holes in its viability — a study published in Management Science, for instance, found that a lot of students forget what they learned fairly quickly.

If we’re being honest, that’s sort of how we feel about a lot of our classes. Who can even remember how to do long division??

With that in mind, we at Money Vehicle thought it would be a good idea to make a case for our program and consider why it’s different from the myriad of other financial literacy courses, programs, and resources out there. We take this seriously, and we think that you should, too.

With many states pushing financial literacy or personal finance education mandates, you may be someone who finds the onus of teaching this stuff on your lap. It may not be your specialty — you may even struggle with your own finances. Again, we get it. We’re here to help. 

We wanted to point you to another study that was recently published, titled “The Importance of Financial Literacy: Opening A New Field.” This study acts as a sort of book-end to previous studies and has a couple of key findings. First, financial literacy levels have not really improved over the past decade or so, and second, there are some good reasons for that — it’s difficult to teach this stuff, for instance, when students come from such varied backgrounds. Both economically, and culturally. 

In short, it seems that most financial literacy courses and programs on the market are not very effective in large part because they’re poorly researched or sourced, leaves teachers grasping for resources, and don’t meet students where they’re at.

How Money Vehicle Differs

Effectively, a lot of financial literacy courses and programs being taught in schools in recent years have little or no curriculum, supporting materials, or teacher preparation. That’s where Money Vehicle is different. 

We have a curriculum. We’ve worked with teachers and educational professionals (we even have them on staff!) to help us fine-tune the program. We’re always tweaking things, too, to make sure they mesh with state guidelines.

We have supporting materials. We have guidebooks, facilitator guides, exercises for students, and even a physical textbook. Plus, if you need more, we’re willing to put additional resources together!

We’re there for teachers. We do teacher training, offer our facilitator guide, and are planning additional resources for teachers that will help them master the material and teach it with confidence. We take this seriously, and have your back!

Nationally, we’re figuring out the best way to teach and instill financial literacy in the next generation. We think it’s important, and are there for you every step of the journey.

Check out the Money Vehicle textbook — you can find it here on Amazon. And if you like what you see, you can get more content sent directly to your inbox! Sign up for the Money Vehicle Movement Newsletter!

And check out our white paper: “Strategies for Increasing Financial Literacy Rates Among High School and College Students”

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