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Empowering the Next Generation: Money Vehicle’s Groundbreaking Partnership with SPENDiD

Empowering the Next Generation: Money Vehicle’s Groundbreaking Partnership with SPENDiD

In an era where financial literacy is more crucial than ever, Money Vehicle and SPENDiD have embarked on an exciting partnership aimed at revolutionizing financial literacy education. This collaboration promises to infuse Money Vehicle’s acclaimed curriculum with SPENDiD’s innovative predictive planning simulation, offering an interactive learning experience that mirrors real-world experience.

A Leap Forward in Financial Education

Birmingham, Alabama, serves as the launchpad for this visionary alliance. Money Vehicle, a vanguard in financial education solutions, joins forces with SPENDiD, a trailblazer in teaching technology. Together, they pledge to enhance the financial literacy curriculum, bringing empowerment and immersive learning directly to students’ fingertips. This partnership not only signifies a commitment to education but also a step towards preparing the next generation to face financial realities with confidence.

The Heart of the Collaboration

At the core of this partnership is a shared vision: to equip students with the tools necessary for financial decision-making. SPENDiD’s predictive planning simulation integrates seamlessly into Money Vehicle’s curriculum, transforming abstract financial concepts into tangible scenarios that students can navigate and learn from. This impact is profound, offering a generation of financially empowered individuals a head start in their financial journey.

Voices of Visionaries

Jedidiah Collins, CFP®, founder of Money Vehicle, expresses his enthusiasm, highlighting the impact of blending SPENDiD’s technology with their curriculum. Craig Hill, founder of SPENDiD, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the privilege of contributing to students’ education. Their shared goal is clear: to empower students with knowledge and skills for sound financial decision-making.

A Beacon for Financial Empowerment

The partnership between Money Vehicle and SPENDiD represents more than an educational initiative; it’s a beacon for the next generation, guiding them towards financial empowerment. As this collaboration unfolds, it promises not only to redefine financial literacy education but also to foster a generation of financially empowered individuals ready to navigate the complexities of the financial world.

For more about Money Vehicle and its initiatives, visit To explore SPENDiD and its predictive planning simulations, click here.



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