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MV FAQs: Does Money Vehicle Allow For Synchronous Learning?

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Synchronous learning refers to the ability to access course materials at any time — “on-demand,” as it may often be called. That’s in contrast to asynchronous learning or communication, which is when course materials or lectures are delivered at a set, scheduled time. Class is held in real-time, by phone, video, or in person, for example.

So, does Money Vehicle allow for synchronous learning? 

The answer is yes. The Money Vehicle course does not follow a set schedule and allows for opportunities for multiple instructional options. The course is designed to support teachers who want to teach content in synchronous settings and work in classrooms with coordinating schedules. It also provides an option to facilitate student support for those who plan to work independently through the content at their own pace. 

To sum it up: Money Vehicle is designed to facilitate synchronous learning. Students can learn when and where they want, and teachers can design their schedules accordingly.

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