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MV FAQs: Does Money Vehicle Support Differentiated Learning?

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People have different learning styles. You may have noticed that you are more of a visual learner, for example, and are more receptive to the material when you see charts, graphs, photos, or videos. Others prefer a text-based approach and like to read out of a book. Still, others may prefer a lecture or audio-based format.

The fact is, we all learn in different ways, at least to varying degrees of efficiency. As such, some schools and teachers have taken to the concept of differentiated learning, which basically means that instructors use different methods of teaching to accommodate different students. From Vanderbilt University’s IRIS Center

“…differentiated instruction is an approach whereby teachers adjust their curriculum and instruction to maximize the learning of all students: average learners, English language learners, struggling students, students with learning disabilities, and gifted and talented students. Differentiated instruction is not a single strategy but rather a framework that teachers can use to implement a variety of strategies, many of which are evidence-based. These evidence-based strategies include:

Although differentiated instruction as a whole is yet to be validated by scientific research, a growing body of evidence shows that the approach has positive effects on student learning.”

So, the question you likely have in mind is this: Does the Money Vehicle course support differentiated learning? 

The answer is yes! We have multiple opportunities for instructors to expand the learning in the classroom to different students, and scaffolding on which to build their learning options for classroom activities. That includes extended learning prompts and project-based learning, specifically designed with differentiated learning in mind as a part of the teacher’s Facilitator’s Guide.

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