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Money Vehicle: Chasing a Passion!

Money Vehicle: Chasing a Passion!

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By Jed Collins, Money Vehicle CEO and founder

This question identifies where I am at in my life. I love educating and empowering people to be able to control their financial futures. This is a journey I enjoy in my personal life but have come to realize I am most alive when I am helping others achieve it as well.

What happens when you combine something you love with something people need?

In 2008, this journey began with a vision. While I was playing in the NFL, I saw that I would need to teach myself the foreign language of money. Like many, my journey into personal finances began out of fear, my fear was that I would not let the NFL dream pass me by without capturing it.

This vision led me to begin studying finances and each offseason in the NFL passing a requirement of the Certification in Financial Planning®.

In 2015, my vision turned into a passion as I began sharing what I understood of this foreign language with others: Teammates, family, students, and even doctors.

I quickly awoke to the reality that people needed to begin understanding how money works, and that they were not currently receiving the needed education from their schools or families.

So, over the past ten years, I have hit the pavement and gone door to door shaking the financial education tree. During this time, the nation has begun to see the same vision I have, the fact financial literacy is a necessary skill for survival in today’s world!

Sadly, in 2019, I came to realize that my passion for educating people about how to use money, would fail!! Education is a vital first step, but education alone does not have a lasting impact. I have come to see that I don’t want to just educate people, I want to empower them.

Empowerment means I am giving people the confidence to act, not just learn. It is only through these actions we truly begin to see the impact.

That is why I am proud to announce that I am chasing my passion and launching Money Vehicle.

There is a journey when one goes from a rookie full of potential to a veteran capturing success.

Together we will take this journey in money to eliminate the gap between your potential and your success. We will eliminate this potential by mirroring the behaviors of the best in the world and taking one step at a time toward our financial freedom.

The key to financial success is controlling your behaviors, the knowledge and behaviors found in Money Vehicle will guide individuals to find success, as well as build out a plan to capture financial wellness.

So, what happens when you combine something you want to do (empower people) with something people need (financial education)? The Japanese word ‘Ikigai’ says when you can combine something you love with something you are great at and then identify something the world needs, you will find your sense of purpose.

Every athlete that has transitioned from their game feels lost without their sense of purpose.

Today, as I chase my passion and embark on my new journey as an entrepreneur, I have found my new purpose and hope to make a lasting change.

My Purpose: Empower People to U.S.E. Money & Start a Plan!

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And check out our white paper: “Strategies for Increasing Financial Literacy Rates Among High School and College Students”

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