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Money Vehicle Partners with ClassLink to Enhance Financial Education Distribution

Money Vehicle Partners with ClassLink to Enhance Financial Education Distribution

Money Vehicle, a leading financial education provider, is excited to announce its partnership with ClassLink, an education technology leader. This collaboration is aimed at providing educators with easier access to materials and bolstering students’ financial knowledge for a better financial future.

ClassLink’s expertise in simplifying digital resource access aligns with Money Vehicle’s goal of promoting financial literacy. As a preferred partner, Money Vehicle will integrate its innovative financial education platform with ClassLink’s network. This integration streamlines access to Money Vehicle’s wealth of financial learning materials for students and educators.

Theresa Seiler, VP Operations at Money Vehicle, expressed enthusiasm, saying, “Our partnership with ClassLink expands our reach to students, school districts, and educators. We’re making it easier for everyone to access essential financial knowledge, aiding informed decision-making.”

This partnership grants students and educators’ access to interactive lessons and video resources covering personal finance topics like cash management, credit, and investing. Money Vehicle’s user-friendly platform brings students into real-world scenarios to make financial education engaging and applicable.

ClassLink’s single sign-on technology seamlessly integrates Money Vehicle’s financial education platform into existing digital ecosystems of educational institutions. This integration simplifies access and eliminates the need for cumbersome logins.

This collaboration continues to bring Money Vehicle closer to its goal of bridging the financial literacy gap. By equipping students with confidence in financial decision-making, Money Vehicle and ClassLink are making strides together to deliver a better future.

For more details on Money Vehicle’s financial education platform and the ClassLink partnership, visit https://www.moneyvehicle.com and https://www.classlink.com.

About ClassLink

ClassLink’s single sign-on technology provides educators and students with easy access to diverse digital resources, enhancing learning experiences worldwide.

About Money Vehicle

Money Vehicle is a team of former financial advisors, educators, and instructional designers, whose mission is to close the financial literacy gap. With decades of collective experience, Money Vehicle has developed an interactive textbook, a standards-based curriculum, and the resources for in-classroom instruction. This hybrid engagement of on and off-screen instruction empowers each and every student to begin their financial plan.

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