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Tackling the Racial Wealth Gap in America

Tackling the Racial Wealth Gap in America

What does financial literacy month and the NFL draft have in common other than happening in April?

They reconnect former NFL teammates Jedidiah Collins CFP® of Money Vehicle (MV) and Malcolm Jenkins of The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation (TMJF) to address a nationwide concern around Financial Literacy. Together, this partnership aims to tackle the racial wealth gap in high schools in America. 

“We are excited to partner with The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation to impact the futures of high school students” said MV founder, Jedidiah Collins CFP®. “Financial literacy is a crucial life skill, and we believe that every young person deserves access to EDU-taining financial education, because exposure breads expansion. This exposure can teach students the language of money, empowering them to stop just working for money and to start making money work for them.”

Founder of TMJF Malcolm Jenkins, also expressed his excitement, “I believe the best first steps to closing the wealth gap in our communities is to educate our youth in understanding the language of finance; how their relationship with money correlates with their personal value system; and how their values are key determinants in achieving financial freedom. It’s a mindset shift from a consumer, to one of an investor.”

MV’s mission is to close the gap in financial literacy by empowering teachers with a holistic curriculum that addresses students’ frequently asked questions about money. 

TMJF’s mission is to effectuate positive change in the lives of youth with a focus on underserved communities who have historically not received this knowledge. 

In conclusion, this partnership between MV and TMJF will give students the tools they need to close the racial wealth gap! 

About The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation

Founded in 2010, The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation (TMJF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity with a mission to effectuate positive change in the lives of youth, particularly those in underserved communities; by providing resources, innovative opportunities and experiences that will help them succeed in life and become contributing members of their community. For more information, visit: http://www.themalcolmjenkinsfoundation.org/

About Money Vehicle

Money Vehicle is a team of former financial advisors, educators, and instructional designers, whose mission is to close the financial literacy gap. With decades of collective experience, Money Vehicle has developed an interactive textbook, a standards-based curriculum, and the resources for in-classroom instruction. This hybrid engagement of on and off-screen instruction empowers each and every student to begin their financial plan.

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