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High School Students & Teachers

Teachers: How Storytelling Can Help Teach Financial Literacy

Teachers who are struggling to contextualize financial literacy material for their students can turn to one of the oldest tools in the book: Storytelling.

Teachers: Help Your Students Map Their Money Journey

Learning about money and putting financial skills to work is a lifelong journey. Here’s how to help students get their bearings.

Teachers: Teach Students to Be Smart Consumers

Getting smart with money involves teaching students to be smart consumers. And there are a lot of things to consider when you’re out shopping.

Teachers: Podcasts That Can Help Build Your Financial Knowledge

Tasked with teaching students about money and finances? You’d better get up to speed, first! Here are some podcast suggestions that can help.

An Overview of the Jump$tart National Standards for Personal Finance Education

There are national standards out there for personal finance and financial literacy education. Take a look at the Jump$tart National Standards to get a rundown.

Teachers: Learn the Building Blocks of Financial Capability

Trying to come up with a framework for teaching financial literacy, or at least a way to help your own thinking around it? Here are a few key building blocks that may do the trick.

Teachers: Work Money Lessons Into Other Subjects

There are numerous opportunities to weave money lessons into other subjects during the school day. Here are some examples.

Teachers: Here’s Some Homework to Give to Students’ Parents

Education is a life-long process — just ask any parent! And for those with kids in school, it’s not uncommon to find that you can learn alongside your child as they work through their homework and assignments over the years. That can be helpful, especially if they’re learning about money or taking a financial literacy… Continue reading Teachers: Here’s Some Homework to Give to Students’ Parents

Teachers: These Games Can Help Teach Kids About Money

Teachers can use all the help they can get when teaching kids about money, and these games can provide it.

Teachers: These are the Financial Literacy Topics to Touch On

Teaching financial literacy? It can be hard to know where to start, but here are some key topics to touch on.

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