Government Shutdowns: What They Mean For You

Government shutdowns are rare, but the do happen. They can also have wide-ranging effects on individuals’ financial situations.

It’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month! Time to Check In

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and that means it’s a good time to check your cybersecurity efforts and make sure everything is locked in.

A $33 Trillion Lesson About Debt and Deficits

The U.S. recently passed a financial milestone: $33 trillion in national debt. But it’s important to understand the nuances, including the differences between debt and deficits.

Biden’s SAVE Plan: What Students Need to Know

Student loan forgiveness failed at the Supreme Court, so the Biden administration unveiled the SAVE plan as an alternative.

U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade: What You Need to Know

The U.S. government recently had its credit rating cut by a credit rating agency. What does that mean for you? Read on.

The SEC: What It Is, and How It Works

The Securities and Exchange Commission, or SEC, is a critical part of the financial markets. Learn more.

Wisconsin Financial Literacy Standards: An Overview

Wisconsin has a set of financial literacy standards, though there isn’t a state-wide mandate to use them. Learn more.

The FTC: What It Is, and How It Works

The FTC plays an important role in the financial markets and as a regulator. Learn more.

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